Winners for Monthly Quiz (July 2014 Edition)

Winners for Monthly Quiz (July 2014 Edition)

The results for the Monthly Quiz (July) is out!

Congratulations to:

Regina Koh Hua Ling


Lim Tian Swee

We will be sending you your prizes in the mail shortly.

If you’re following our quiz, here are the answers to last month’s question:

Answers to Monthly Quiz (July 2014)

Q1. On which day of August will this year National Day dinner, organised by Aljunied Constituency Committee, will be held?

Ans: 3rd

Q2. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast ________

Ans: from dawn till dusk, for 1 whole lunar cycle.

Q3. Which of the Workers’ Party MP had just recently given birth to a baby boy?

Ans: None of the above

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