People of WP – Kenneth Foo

People of WP – Kenneth Foo

People of WP – Kenneth Foo

Can you share with us your experiences growing up in Hougang?

“I have been living in Hougang since I was six. It is a peaceful and nice neighbourhood with many helpful people and neighbours. It is a clean and well-managed town.”

What is the one change you would like to see in Hougang?

“I wouldn’t call it a change. But, Hougang used to have a wet market at Block 3. The market is not only a place where people make a living, but it was also where housewives gather, chat and form lifelong friendships. My mother used to always visit the market at Block 3 during the weekends. At present, she and her friends have to travel to Kovan to go to a wet market. They don’t like the concept of a cold and detached supermarket. It will be good to have a wet market again in Hougang. And this is what many residents here hope to see soon.”


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