People of WP – Leon Perera

People of WP – Leon Perera

People of WP – Leon Perera

Why did you join WP?

“We need a balanced political system. There needs to be more accountability and ownership of public policy outcomes. This can only come through political competition and debate.”

How do you see yourself contributing to that?

“Well, I contribute by volunteering with the Workers’ Party to improve accountability and public debate.”

What do you hope for Singapore in the next election?

“That’s a tough one to answer without seeming to be too partisan! I hope that in the next election, we will see a responsible opposition being entrenched as an integral feature in the political landscape. Every healthy country needs political balance.”


7 thoughts on “People of WP – Leon Perera

  1. Yapp Kim Yin

    Yes, I do agree with you. No matter how bad or well PAP has done, Singapore always needs opposition parties. I support the Workers Party.

  2. Barbara Chong

    In this short QnA Mr Perera uses the word Accountability and Debate twice.

    My wish list for him therefore is
    1. Hopefully he can bring the Accountability to AHPETC
    2. Hopefully he can convince Pritam to have a proper debate in pariliament and not just giving excuses that he only answer to his resident. And even when his resident request for answer. He did not answer.

  3. Daryl

    Hey Barbara, please reflect on how pap ministers skip around so many direct questions on AIM, overspending on YOG, escaped top terrorist before making such unhelpful comments.

  4. Michelle Wong

    I agree. For the good health of politics in our 50-year old nation-state, we need a balance of the forces — like yin β—‹ and yang ●. It will do us some good. β—‹(^-^)●

  5. Dave

    Barbaba, what is there to answer to the PAP on AHPETC issue? This is just a case of fixing WP by two brainless Ministers. You may want to check the list provided by Shanmugam, East Coast and Pasir Ris-Punggol TCs were paying the maintenance fee for commercial unit to their managing agent at a much higher fee even compare to AHPETC for 2011-2012. They are using the same managing agent used by most PAP TCs, thus there is no excuse on economic of scale. Don’t this is “unlawful ” and “over-payment “?
    If a MND Minister can closed two eyes on this, I don’t see why WP need to answer any of his question.

  6. atomtho

    I agree with you that accountability is a keyword in the political arena. In this context, I’m sure you’ll agree that the issue of AHPETC is beyond what the ministers have said. Perhaps you didn’t know but key to the AHPETC fiasco is what their party did through their scorched earth initiative that was aimed at fixing the opposition through AIM. For it was by pulling out tax payer procured software from AHPETC that extensive migration of data had to be done. This in turn affected the whole gamut of Town Council operations that includes the financial component.

    With due respect, this is within PAP’s political DNA. Please understand this — I used to be an ardent PAP supporter too. Here’s proof of who they really are:

    Just as important, even the PAP has been recorded to have extensive lapses within a very small sample:–serious-lapses–in-several-government-agencies-113027444.html
    This is in the midst of many other issues:

    These are just a very small portion of what used to be a powerful political party that was helmed by Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, & Toh Chin Chye.

  7. Richard

    Hi Barbara, don’t be so cheap politics like PAP. I live in PAP managed GRC & I don’t feel that they did a good job in every projects they undertake for us. A lot of us dearly hope WP will win Jalan Bersa GRC. I hear both PAP & Oppositions voices, & I really feel that the time has finally arrive for PAP to rest. Oppositions like WP & Dr Chee are finally people’s voices on our struggles & issues!!!

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