People of WP – Bernard Chen

People of WP – Bernard Chen

People of WP – Bernard Chen

When did it all begin?

It all began in 2006, after my National Service. I joined the party on the day I ORDed. It was something I always wanted to do because for the longest time, I had always been interested in history and politics and I think public service is something that’s commendable. So I thought, why not?

Do you think more young people should be involved in politics?

Of course! In fact, I think the best time for someone to be in politics is when he’s young. You are never too young (or too old) to contribute and serve the community around you. Political work is a very interesting and humbling learning experience. I spent nearly ten years of my youth in the Workers’ Party being of service to others. I have to say, you got to try it to see the positive influence in your life.


2 thoughts on “People of WP – Bernard Chen

  1. Jay

    I wish Workers’ Party do great in coming election. great to see young blood.
    I have lots of positive feed back specially to Mr. Low Thia Khiang bold debating points in recent channel News Asia.
    UNFORTUNATELY, workers’ party official cite don’t have email address.

    if you could share email of Mr. Low Thia Khiang or speech writer of party i could share some thoughts.

  2. royston shi-ming tang

    i wish to contribute ideas and inputs.. i can be contact at 91819930 (mobile).

    i looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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