People of WP – Cheryl Loh

People of WP – Cheryl Loh

People of WP – Cheryl Loh

What made you want to join the Workers’ Party?

Since I was a child, I’ve always been intrigued by politics. We used to watch the parliamentary debates when I was a kid. I’d see Chiam See Tong, I’d see Low Thia Khiang, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. So I’ve always enjoyed it but along the years, growing up, that interest became a bit clouded – I wasn’t quite sure if that was a path I could pursue.

So it was actually a chance meeting – I was in my uncle’s house for house warming. Mr Low came by for a house visit and my uncle and I were so excited. We started chatting with him and I was really excited to see him – I even said, “You’re my hero!” and he gave us a pamphlet and his contacts.

To me, I think everything happens for a reason. So that night, I went home and recalled my interest in politics. I wrote to him and that’s how it all started. I began helping out at the MPS and slowly, for house visits and all the other activities as well.

You mentioned watching parliamentary debates on TV. Do you think they should come back?

Yes, very much so! That was in the late 80s or early 90s. I think a lot of us Singaporeans are interested in whatever’s being debated in Parliament. I’d hear people talking about these things the next day in the office, for instance. So yes, people do get excited about it.

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