SG100 Art Competition

SG100 Art Competition

SG100 Art Competition

If “the world is but a canvas to our imagination”, then art is the medium by which we express our imagination.

To celebrate our nation’s 50th year of independence, the Workers’ Party Youth Wing held a SG100 Art Competition to provide young Singaporeans with a canvas to envision their imagination of Singapore’s future. The competition had been held in conjunction with the Youth Wing’s SG100 Conference.

We had asked young residents of Hougang SMC, Punggol East SMC and Aljunied GRC to colour, paint or draw their visions of Singapore’s future. The artworks we received from all of our very talented young residents ran the gamut from depictions of an ultra-high-tech future with flying cars to the more familiar symbols of a crescent moon and five stars upon a red and white backdrop.

Here are the winners of the SG100 Art Competition. The first prize goes to Sakura Wong from Punggol East SMC. Her artwork depicts a high-tech Singapore where our police officers don sleek uniforms and our sky is shared by flying vehicles and fighter jets.

First Award - Wong Mei Ying, Sakura (Punggol-East)

First Prize Award – Wong Mei Ying, Sakura (Punggol East)

Siew Ting from Eunos Division of Aljunied GRC won the second prize with her vision of bullet trains and ‘free ERP’ gantries revolutionizing our transport system. Her artwork also depicted a Singaporean astronaut taking to the skies in a space shuttle.

Second Award - Su Siew Ting (Eunos)

Second Prize Award – Su Siew Ting (Eunos)

Singapore will likely be going through many changes by SG100. But, the artwork by our third prize winner, Jivantikaa from Paya Lebar Division of Aljunied GRC, reminds us that Singapore will always be a multi-cultural nation. Her artwork depicts four Singaporeans of different races standing proudly as one united people under the flag of our nation.


Third Prize Award – Jivantikaa.M (Paya Lebar)

Needless to say, these artists have proven to us that Singaporean youths are truly imaginative and creative. Their artworks serve as a reflection of our Singaporean youths’ aspirations for a future Singapore which is more innovative, more liveable and more united. Hopefully, these visions that they had drawn onto their canvas with their crayons and paint brushes, will become our nation’s landscape when Singapore celebrates its 100th year of independence.

So, what have the Youth Wing learnt from organizing this SG100 Art Competition? It is that we should never underestimate the power of a kid with crayons.

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