WPYW Inaugural Orientation Session for Volunteers

WPYW Inaugural Orientation Session for Volunteers

WPYW Inaugural Orientation Session for Volunteers

The Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW) organized its inaugural orientation session for volunteers on 28 November 2015. The orientation session was conducted at the Workers’ Party HQ.

Youth Wing President Daniel Goh kicked off the orientation session by sharing with the participants his personal experience of how he became acquainted to the party and his volunteering journey thus far. He also presented on the party’s organisational structures and values, as well as the various Members of Parliaments (MPs) and the Non-Constituency Member of Parliaments (NCMPs).

Next up was Youth Wing Exco member Cheryl Loh, who had shared with the participants on the various volunteering opportunities to be found at some of the activities organised by WP Grassroots Committee (WPGC), such as community events, festive celebrations, welfare programs, legal clinics and house visits. These activities are designed to serve the residents in the constituencies currently held or previously contested by the Workers’ Party.

Volunteering opportunities can also be found at the weekly Meet-the-People Session (MPS). MPS provides residents with an avenue to meet with and seek help from their MPs. Some of the more common cases attended to by the MPs at their MPS are of residents who have fallen through the social safety net, and of residents who are entrenched in situations where policies had failed to consider. The MPs will look into these cases, and provide sound judgement and advice to their residents.

In the course of their volunteer duty, volunteers will likely be privy to residents’ personal particulars. Participants were therefore briefed and reminded to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. They were also briefed on some of the practices that they should not engage in during the course of their volunteer duty.

The WPYW was truly encouraged by the overwhelming response to its inaugural orientation session for volunteers. The next orientation session for volunteers will be conducted on 23 January 2016. More details will be shared on the WPYW and the Workers’ Party Volunteer Network (WPVN) Facebook pages closer to the date.


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