Reflections from Our Volunteers – Faizal Ahmad (Fengshan SMC)

Reflections from Our Volunteers – Faizal Ahmad (Fengshan SMC)

Reflections from Our Volunteers – Faizal Ahmad (Fengshan SMC)

“I hope Singaporeans can come together and take action to make Singapore a more inclusive society beyond political affiliations, societal status or class.” – Faizal Ahmad

When did you start volunteering with the Workers’ Party?

“I started right after the watershed GE 2011 when the Workers’ Party won Aljunied GRC. I’ve been helping out MP Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap with his Meet the People Session as a grassroots volunteer as well as one of the Welfare IC for Aljunied GRC’s Kaki Bukit division. Currently, I’m assisting NCMP Dennis Tan with his outreach programs at Fengshan SMC.”

Why did you choose to volunteer with WP?

“I have to say that GE 2011 was a major national political awakening for a lot of Singaporeans. Sitting back and doing nothing won’t fix what is morally wrong. After I did my research online and had a few discussions with some of my politically savvy colleagues, I felt very strongly with what WP stood for. Soon enough, I emailed the Party and never looked back!”

How has your experience as a volunteer been so far?

“It has been a fantastic experience, and it always feel natural when talking and discussing with the WP about any given tasks. It has never been awkward, and everyone here is like one big family.”

What is the most memorable experience for you as a volunteer?

“The most memorable experience for me was the WP’s National Day video in 2014, because my family and I were involved in the production. The video was shot during Ramadan, and the video crew had refrained from drinking and eating during the whole production process because my family were fasting. The crew even joined us in breaking fast when it was time to break our fast! It was absolutely fun, and truly an eye-opener to experience first-hand what actors and actresses on TV have to go through.”

Faizal is 33 years old this year, and works as an Executive. He is married, and has two lovely daughters.

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