51 words from our past Youth Wing Presidents this 51st National Day

51 words from our past Youth Wing Presidents this 51st National Day

51 words from our past Youth Wing Presidents this 51st National Day

What is your wish for Singapore?

This National Day marks our 51st year of independence. As our little red dot tiptoes into the second half of our mid-century mark, it is a challenging yet exciting place to be. So we spoke to some of WP Youth Wing’s past (and present) presidents, and here are their wishes this National Day – from the youth of the not-so-distant past, to our children and youth that will take this country through the next 50 years and more.




The winning entry for WP Youth Wing’s essay writing competition in 2009 says: We can love an imperfect Singapore perfectly.

This stays true till today. I wish, as a nation, that we continue to make imperfect Singapore more perfect, while taking time to treasure the people and the things we love.

Koh Choong Yong (Term: 2009 – 2011)



This National Day, my wish for Singapore is to see more women and youths develop political interest. Meaningful democracy requires the meaningful participation of youths. The youths of today need to take interest and ownership of their future because they are going to be tomorrow’s
Leaders and decision-makers. Empower our youths!

Lee Li Lian (Term: 2011 – 2012)




As our country progresses to SG100, let us continue to work hard together – to strive towards building a more democratic society, so as to achieve Happiness, Prosperity and Progress for our beloved nation… Majulah Singapura. Happy 51st National Day!

Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap (Term: 2012 – 2014)





One day, father and son would be able to sit at the steps of Parliament watching the city and citizens go by their everyday lives, partaking in the everlasting virtues and values of the nation, by just simply sitting there with quiet love for each other and the world. Our Singapore.

Assoc Prof Daniel Goh (Term: 2014 – 2016)





National Day is a time when we take stock of our progress as a nation. I am grateful to God for blessing us with peace, prosperity and a hope for the future. Let’s work together to ensure our progress continues and the fruits of our prosperity are shared by all Singaporeans.

Gerald Giam (Term: 2016 – Present)

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