People of WP- Ang Boon Yaw (Paya Lebar & Fengshan)

People of WP- Ang Boon Yaw (Paya Lebar & Fengshan)

People of WP- Ang Boon Yaw (Paya Lebar & Fengshan)

I started volunteering with WP in… 2012. I started helping out at Mr Chen Show Mao’s Meet-the-People Session (MPS).

The reason I volunteer with WP is… I followed the speeches made and parliament questions raised by the WP MPs and I find WP is a political party that is rational and responsible one.

The WP’s position on the White Paper on Population and the recent amendment of the President Elections Act, is very much in line with most people on the ground.

Rather than sitting back and hoping for that to happen, I prefer to be on the side that works to make things happen.

My most memorable WP event/moment so far is… Lee Li Lian winning the Punggol East By-Election in 2013.

Now that WP turns 60 this year, my wish for the party is… to grow stronger and reach out to more Singaporeans to shape a better Singapore.

The MP that I admire the most is… Mr Low Thia Khiang, because being an opposition MP is not easy and being recognised by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew speaks volume of Mr Low’s work.

When I am not volunteering for WP-related activities, I am… an avid Roger Federer fan, badminton and cycling enthusiast.

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