People of WP- Gareth Kwan (Eunos)

People of WP- Gareth Kwan (Eunos)

People of WP- Gareth Kwan (Eunos)

I started volunteering with WP in 2015, shortly after the 2015 General Election. I began helping out at the Meet the People sessions (MPS) in the area where I lived, which is the Eunos Division of Aljunied GRC. Subsequently, I also volunteered in community activities such as tea sessions, health talks and other festive celebrations.

The reason I volunteer with WP is… I enjoy being given an opportunity to give back to the community and to help residents seek assistance or advice during MPS. I believe that WP is able to ensure a proper debate and increase public awareness when unfavourable polices are passed in Parliament. If more Singaporeans support WP, we would have a stronger say in nation-building.

My most memorable WP event/moment so far is… being part of the team of volunteers for the AJCC Lunar New Year Dinner 2017. The entire team worked hand in hand together to ensure a smooth flow of the night’s proceedings and making sure that all the residents had an enjoyable evening.

The MP that I admire the most is my MP, Mr Pritam Singh. I admire him for the hard work and dedication that he puts in serving the residents. If the situation requires immediate action or further enquires, Mr Pritam would personally go down onsite to better understand the circumstances or problems faced by the resident. Regardless of political affiliation, Mr Pritam always displays a high level of impartiality to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

When I am not volunteering for WP-related activities, I… usually find time to go for a leisure evening jog around Bedok Reservoir Park or a futsal session with friends to keep a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, a weekend chilling session with friends watching soccer together is always fun!

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