People of WP- Amy Lee (East Coast)

People of WP- Amy Lee (East Coast)

People of WP- Amy Lee (East Coast)

I started volunteering with WP during the last general election in 2015. I was attached to East Coast division and helped with house visits. I was also a polling agent.

The reason I volunteer with WP is because I want to make a difference for the future of Singapore. I truly believe that Singapore can no longer continue as it is as a one party mandate. In order for Singapore to progress, a change is necessary. The complacency of the PAP is very worrying.

Now that WP turns 60 this year, my wish for the party is to gain more seats in Parliament to eventually becoming a viable force.

If there is one thing I could change about WP, it would be… the symbol. The hammer symbol looks old-school and people may mistakenly relate it to being communistic. It would be nice to have a more stylish symbol that takes us into the future.

If I could change one thing about Singapore, it would be… to be a truly democratic society with freedom of speech.

The MP that I admire the most is NCMP Leon Perera. I find him extremely hardworking and has voiced out a lot for us common Singaporeans in Parliament. I am sure the other MPs are doing the same too, but what Leon voices out resonates very closely with me.

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