People of WP- Jason Tey (Nee Soon)

People of WP- Jason Tey (Nee Soon)

I started volunteering with WP… 2 months before GE2015. I was involved in house visits before and after Nomination Day with the candidates. I also supported them in their campaigns, including rallies. I currently still help out for house visits in Nee Soon GRC.

The reason I volunteer with WP is… I want to do my part to see more voices represented in Parliament. WP is also the party that I supported when they contested in the GRC I live in.

My most memorable WP moment so far is… wearing the colours of WP while doing house visits before elections, and having volunteers from the “other side” follow us and taking note of what we were doing. I felt so important, knowing that they had to follow us so closely!

Now that WP turns 60 this year, my wish for the party is… to gain more recognition for the efforts done for the community and the nation. I also hope that all misunderstandings of the party can be cleared.

If I could organize any new activity, event, etc. for WP60 it would be… to showcase what WP does for the community, and also a recruitment for volunteers. More publicity is needed as we Singaporeans need to know that WP is largely active.

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