People of WP- Chee Han Sing (Serangoon)

People of WP- Chee Han Sing (Serangoon)

于2013年我在网上登记成为工人党榜鹅东单选区补选的义工,参于Polling Agent及在群众大会的Logistics工作。

I registered online as a volunteer during the Punggol East By-Election in 2013 and was helping out as a Polling Agent and with the Rally Logistics.



The reason I volunteer with WP is… I was impressed with the performance of the Workers’ Party. I believe and have confidence in the Party.


在工人党当义工时,令我留下最深刻的印象与回忆是。。。在参加家访时, 对国会议员林瑞莲小姐的贴近民众,敏锐的动力,朴实的作风,耐心的听取民众意见及投诉,帮忙解决问题以及她惊人的记忆能力,让我留下深刻印象。

My most memorable WP moment so far is… witnessing the closeness of MP Sylvia Lim with her constituents, her keenness, simplicity and patience in listening to the residents’ feedback, as well as her amazing memory ability really left a deep impression on me.



I enjoy volunteering with WP because… I am encouraged by the selfless sacrifices of the many volunteers for the Party. I also love to learn and be exposed to new things to improve myself.



The past 60 years has been a tumultuous journey for The Workers’ Party, and we should be proud of where we are today. However, the road ahead will not be smooth sailing, so I hope more volunteers and members with the expertise in different areas will join and help build the Party. I hope that Singapore’s current political situation will change for the better so that everyone can live in a better home.

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