People of WP- Darren Lee (Eunos)

People of WP- Darren Lee (Eunos)

I started volunteering with WP in June 2011, helping with Meet-the-People sessions (MPS) in Eunos division. I am currently still active there.

The reason I volunteer with WP is that I believe in having checks and balances in our system and I believe WP provides Singaporeans with a credible and responsible alternative choice.

I enjoy volunteering with WP because apart from helping the community, I get to meet new people and friends!

The MP that I admire the most is… Pritam Singh! I have helped out in Eunos since my first day of volunteering with WP, and I have seen how he works from then till now. He handles residents’ queries and answers them with confidence during MPS and house visits, and connects with them very well!

When I am not volunteering for WP-related activities, I am… exercising to keep a healthy lifestyle! I exercise by playing badminton and cycling most of the time.

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