People of WP- Daphne Yue (Hougang)

People of WP- Daphne Yue (Hougang)

I started volunteering with WP in 2013 as a volunteer in Meet-the-People session in Hougang SMC. I was helping to usher residents when it was their turn to see the MP. Eventually I took up more responsibilities such as being a welfare representative in Hougang and taking charge of 1 or 2 events per year with my colleagues in HGCC (Hougang Constituency Committee).

The reason I volunteer with WP is… to play my part in helping the party to bring the ground voices of Singaporeans into Parliament to ensure a responsive government who listens to our needs.

My most memorable WP event so far is… the first Christmas event I did in 2013 as the 2nd in-charge. It has been my passion to be an events planner and through organising of this event, I learnt the basics in event management and had the chance to pursue my interest in this area.

I enjoy volunteering with WP because… I get to meet a lot of like-minded individuals who want to contribute to the party. Sometimes these turn to close friendships too!

Now that WP turns 60 this year, my wish for the party is… to continue bringing voices of Singaporeans into Parliament and raising questions on problematic policies. I hope WP can also introduce more quality candidates in the coming elections to build up the confidence of Singaporeans to vote more WP MPs into Parliament!

The MP that I admire the most is Mr Png Eng Huat. He is the MP I work with in my constituency and from our interactions with Hougang residents, he is one who genuinely serves with his heart and works sincerely for the residents of Hougang.

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