People of WP- Mark Lin (Kaki Bukit)

People of WP- Mark Lin (Kaki Bukit)

 I started to volunteer with WP in GE2015 for Sengkang West SMC doing outreach programs to voters during the campaigning period. Currently, I am helping out at Kaki Bukit Division.

I enjoy volunteering with WP because… of the strong bond between fellow volunteers. They have a high can-do spirit, hence enabling the team to achieve greatness even though there is limited resources to tap on.

Now that WP turns 60 this year, my wish for the party is… to have more people joining us. This will enable the party to serve the community better and be able to put forward more quality candidates during elections.

If I could change one thing about Singapore, it would be improving political awareness amongst fellow Singaporeans.

When I’m not volunteering for WP related activities, I am… spending precious family time with my lovely wife and playing with my furkid.

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