People of WP- Jeraldine Phneah (Fengshan)

People of WP- Jeraldine Phneah (Fengshan)

People of WP- Jeraldine Phneah (Fengshan)

I started volunteering with WP during the 2015 General Elections. During which, I supported the Jalan Besar GRC team with their outreach to residents. After the elections were over, I joined the East Coast-Fengshan team and have been helping out regularly with weekly house visits and monthly food distribution to lower-income Singaporeans.

The reason I volunteer with WP is because I believe that having a constructive and viable opposition is the best way forward for Singapore. Some have the misunderstanding that supporting WP or even criticizing existing policies means that you are ‘anti-government’ or unappreciative of the good things in Singapore. That is not the case. Many of us acknowledge what is being done well in Singapore and we want to make it even better. Having a strong alternative to choose from would, in fact, lead to improved lives for Singaporeans as parties compete to present better policy proposal and to serve their constituents better.

My most memorable WP moment so far was… the night of 11 September 2015 when the election results were being announced. The atmosphere at Hougang Stadium was really a depressing one. Everyone was fearful that we would lose Aljunied GRC. After seeing the results, I realized that the party needed regular volunteers more than ever to continue to diligently walk the ground and actively engage the residents.

If there is one thing I could change about WP it would be… to have more young men and women coming forward to serve. Sharing your opinion on social media can help to raise awareness for some socioeconomic issues among your peers but if you’re keen to make an even bigger impact, these words have to be complemented with meaningful action.

When I am not volunteering for WP-related activities, I am working in the data analytics industry. I am also helping to organize the Singapore Eco Film Festival to raise awareness about environmental issues. My other hobbies include scuba diving; cooking; reading; martial arts; spending time with my family and friends and playing with my three pet rabbits.

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