People of WP- Gerald Giam (Fengshan and East Coast)

People of WP- Gerald Giam (Fengshan and East Coast)

The reason I volunteer with WP is… I want to work with fellow Singaporeans to build up a credible and capable alternative party in Singapore that can serve as an insurance for our country against government failure.

My most memorable WP moment so far is… the first election rally in Hougang during General Election 2011. The atmosphere was electric and the roar of the crowd from the front to the rear of the field is a sound I will not forget.

If I could change one thing about Singapore, it would be… that we will become a more caring and considerate society that places others before self.

If I was Prime Minister for one day, I would… strike down all oppressive controls on our society that contribute to a culture of fear of retribution for speaking and acting for we believe is right.

When I am not volunteering for WP-related activities, I am… running my own tech start-up, and also being a tutor, sports coach and cheerleader for my two kids.

2 thoughts on “People of WP- Gerald Giam (Fengshan and East Coast)

  1. Chan Daniel

    Hi Gerald,
    Is WP meeting every Friday has stopped? Any plan to resume such meeting for people who interested to meet of WP leaders.

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